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 EJC Wellness Center

Wellness Center where wholeness is possible

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Caring for Your Mental Health

Imagine being treated differently because of your sexuality or skin color. You experience discrimination, harassment, and prejudice that make it hard for you to reach out to other people for help.

These are just some of the things that people of color and members of the LGBT community go through every day. Although some are brave enough to confront these challenges, there are still others who suffer in silence.

This is what inspired EJC Wellness Center to be an advocate for mental health. Based in Hyattsville, Maryland, we provide a variety of therapy treatments for those who have mental and emotional issues. We also teach as well as conduct research and training.

Our clinic accepts most insurance for services. Browse our website for more details about what we do. You may also call or email us to schedule your free consultation today.

Mission Statement

We believe that therapeutic success is achieved through the development of insight into one's unconscious processes and understanding with impact on current conflicts. As partners in our client’s treatment, we encourage the utilization of therapeutic relationship to bring awareness, thereby leading to change.

The come and go of treatments is designed to develop a coping strategy to deal with feelings that accompany one's experiences. By using the therapeutic relationship to explore the past and present, one is able to create a new successful path for the future.

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