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 EJC Wellness Center

A Place for Healing and Wellness

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Who We Are

EJC Wellness Center in Hyattsville, Maryland is an organization that raises awareness to people and stakeholders about critical social justice issues. We also have advocacy and training on how to mobilize, organize, and protect marginalized people of color, LGBT communities, and those impacted by the root of the historically oppressive structure against racism and violence.

At EJC Wellness Center, our clinical services are provided by the Bridges Wellness Group. They are comprised of culturally competent therapists who collectively have more than 75 years of experience in providing therapeutic services.

EJC began in 2017. EJC Wellness Center officially opened in June 2019.

Get to Know the Founder

Our founder, Bishop Abrams, has more than 18 years in pastoring congregations and justice ministry. She is dedicated to helping people achieve mental and emotional wellness.

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