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 EJC Wellness Center

You Have Got Questions? We Have Got Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

At EJC Wellness Center in Hyattsville, Maryland, we understand that you may have questions regarding our services and training. Feel free to read some frequently asked questions below to learn more about what we offer. If your query is not found here, please call or email us now. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Q: Does EJC Wellness Center take my insurance? 

A: Yes, we do. We accept most insurance. All fees are to be rendered at the time of service through cash or credit card.

Q: What if I cannot afford the fee?

A: A sliding fee scale is available for individuals who do not have the means or financial resources to pay these fees. However, adequate proof of income and/or financial obligations is needed to qualify for a reduced fee. Also, sliding fee scaled payments are reassessed over time with the therapist to determine if a renegotiation of fees is possible upon the change of the client's financial status.

Q: What if I miss a scheduled appointment?

A: Consistent attendance at all appointments is emphasized. Clients will be charged a full session's fee for no shows or less than 24 hours advanced notice of cancellation. (Unforeseen emergencies are the only exceptions to this policy).

Q: Do you provide services to children and adolescents?

A: Currently, EJC does not provide services to children and adolescents.

Q: Do you provide walk-in services?

A: No. It is necessary to contact a staff consultant to schedule an appointment.

Q: Can I contact you via internet?

A: In order to protect your confidentiality, EJC does not encourage internet communication. Rather, beginning to form a genuine relationship is preferable via phone and in-person contact.

Q: Are there on-site childcare providers?

A: Unfortunately, we are not equipped with childcare services. For liability reasons, children are not permitted to wait in the lobby for their parents.

Q: Your office is in D.C. Is there a parking available?

A: Yes! There is also ample off-street parking on the surrounding blocks.

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